Living with a disability or other special circumstance can depend on the availability of highly specialized equipment…usually costly equipment. The Care project helps people acquire no-cost medical equipment that has been refurbished, repaired and sanitized, in order to live, learn, work and play more independently. Examples include equipment, devices, products and services used to maintain, increase or improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

“I spend my time helping seniors who don’t have help getting equipment they need. When I found the program, it was a blessing. They are a tremendous help to the needy when they can’t get help anywhere else.” Josephine

Some examples of equipment collected and distributed are: Computers and computer equipment, manual and power wheelchairs for adults and children, bedside commodes and shower chairs, hospital beds, personal mobility devices, wheelchair lifts for vehicles, portable wheelchair ramps, geriatric and seat lift chairs, patient lifts, breathing equipment, canes, crutches and walkers, sensory aids, other durable medical equipment.

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