Speech Therapy

There are many problems that can rob a person of the freedom of speech, such as autism or stroke. Easter Seals Central Alabama’s Speech Therapy Department serves all ages with communication challenges. Staffed by nationally certified, full-time speech and language pathologists, this department serves individuals from surrounding counties and states. Easter Seals affiliates across the country have become the leading provider of services to children with autism! Possible causes and disorders include: autism spectrum disorder, stroke and traumatic brain injury, dysfluent speech (stuttering), developmental delay, voice disorder, articulation disorder, motor dysfunction, and cognitive impairment.

“The therapists are very helpful and understanding; they love our children and support them in any way they know how.” Mother of consumer

“All of the therapists here are working hard but most importantly, outpouring love to these children. We are so proud of our son and how far he has come. We know we could not have done this without Easter Seals.”    –Mother of Harrison

Easter Seals Central Alabama is also proud to now introduce hearing and speech screenings at River Region schools and child care centers!  With minimal time, and a minimal fee, a large impact can be achieved; and we come to you!  Click speech and hearing flyer to learn more or call Debbie Lynn at 334.387.3260.

To learn more about Easter Seals Central Alabama’s Speech Therapy, contact Amy Berry at 334.387.3281!